Experts warn: Dangerous politicizing of U.S. intelligence

WASHINGTON — The House Intelligence Committee’s release of a memo declassified Friday by President Donald Trump alleging a government cover-up creates a dangerous precedent of partisans politicizing the government’s secrets, according to veterans of the intelligence world.

“There is no precedent for this: to take a memorandum about the FISA application process, write a memo, vote it out on party lines — and then clearly there was some coordination with the White House, ” said Michael Allen, a former staff director for the committee under then-Chairman Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican.

“If this leads to widespread condemnation (of the committee) and the whole exercise becomes discredited, people will not want to go there again, ” Allen said. “But if this comes off well for the committee, this will increase the risks that people will use the intelligence committee as a political platform.”